Become a Booster

Our community’s generous support of the Athletic Boosters Club has been the lifeline for our student-athletes and teams. In addition to funding safety equipment, uniforms, and competition fees, Boosters has raised enough money to grant college scholarships to graduating seniors each year. We are excited to offer many membership levels this year allowing you to carry on with your Eagle spirit on the field and at home. 


  • Your annual membership helps us improve all THS Athletic programs
  • Get season passes to ALL home games
  • Help improve our grounds, upgrade equipment, fund tournaments and coaching fees, and provide scholarships to graduating athletes.
  • Show your Templeton pride around town and visit our Swag Shop!
  • Make a tax deductible donation to help our non-profit organization.



Bronze Level: $125 Donation

      *1 seasonal entrance pass to all THS sporting events for 23/24 school           year.

      **A SAVINGS of about half the cost of admittance to all home games                 for 2 sports seasons!

Eagle Level: $200 Donation

*2 seasonal entrance passes to all THS sporting events for 23/24 school year
**A SAVINGS of about half the cost of admittance to all home games for 2 sports seasons!
Silver Level: $350 Donation        *2 seasonal entrance passes to all THS sporting events for 23/24        school year. 
       **2 reserved stadium seats.

Platinum Level: $700 and over Donation

       *4 seasonal entrance passes to all THS sporting events for 23/24        school year.
       **4 reserved stadium seats. 



Existing seat-holding Booster members will get priority to renew their membership from July 1- July 15.  If you want your reserved seating, you must complete your Booster pass renewal through GoFan between July 1 and July 15.  If you wait to sign up after July 15, you will risk losing your reserved seating to other members who can claim the Silver or Platinum packages at that point.   

ALL Booster membership will be handled online!  We are using the GoFan ticketing services to align with CIF rules for all online ticketing and to streamline Booster passes.

You can only access your Booster membership passes through your smartphone through the GoFan app or website. Passes can only be redeemed once and then will reset in 8 hours to be used again (such as for another game the following day).  You must redeem your pass in front of the gate attendant. You can not redeem the pass before you get to the gate.  Wait until the gate attendant sees you redeem it.  


Right here! Click HERE:

Or go to the Go Fan app or website and search Templeton Eagle Athletic Boosters

  • Download the app or visit the website linked above
  • Create an account, choose your package, and enter your information.  Your pass is purchased!


  • You can share your Booster passes ONE TIME with those in your family so they can have them on their phones all year long. You can also keep some or all on your own phone all year long if you plan on arriving together to games.
  • If you have more than one pass in your package (Platinum, Silver, Eagle), make sure the other person (s) creates their own account on GoFan FIRST, then send them their pass. THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE ONCE (a measure to prevent pass sharing all year).
  • Passes are only good once in 8 hours (again to prevent pass sharing). Then they reset and can be used again the following day for another sporting event.


They are very easy to work with!  Email for customer service help.  You can also reach out to the Board via email at and we can try to troubleshoot any issues as well.


Here are a few extra Tips and Tricks to get you started:

BEFORE Game Day:

Step 1: Download the GoFan Ticketing app on your mobile device and enter your account information.

Step 2: Find your email with your GoFan All Sports Pass. Click view tickets. This should automatically connect you to the GoFan app. Enter your login info on the app.

Step 3: Click on Tickets

Step 4: You can transfer any of your passes ONE time for the entire year if you choose (for example, if you would like your spouse or another child to have one). Go to Transfer Tickets, click on a pass, and enter the recipient’s email. The recipient will receive an email with instructions to go to GoFan, create an account and accept the pass. They can also then download the app, login, and have their pass easily accessible on the app at any time.

NOTE: These passes are intended for our Booster members. If you have guests that you would like to take to a game, you will need to arrive together and present your pass for them OR meet them at the gate with a pass to be redeemed on their behalf. Please do not use your one-time transfer for Uncle Joe visiting for one week from Florida. You will not be able to get that pass back for Aunt Sally visiting the following month. Also, these passes are only available electronically. You cannot print these passes.

**If you do not want to download the app, you can always pull up the Go Fan website, login, and view your tickets there.

Now that everyone has their passes on their devices, they are ready to use! Follow Templeton High School on GoFan and check out the schedule for any upcoming games requiring tickets.


GoFan tickets do not have QR codes or barcodes to scan. Our tickets are a simple click to validate!

Step 1: Have your tickets ready to go at the gate. You can do this one of 3 ways:

1) Go to your confirmation email, click View tickets and it will bring you to the app or website.

2) Open the GoFan app that you already set up. Log in. Click on Tickets, and View my pass(es).

3) Log into Click on Tickets, and View my pass(es).

Step 2: When you arrive at the event, select the tickets you want to validate and select Redeem. DO NOT REDEEM YOUR TICKET UNTIL THE EVENT STAFF HAS CONFIRMED IT IS VALID.

Step 3: You are in!! Enjoy watching our THS Eagles!

Have Questions?  Visit our contact page and we will help you out!

Follow us on Instagram (@thsathleticboosters,) Facebook (Templeton High School Athletic Booster Support Club), and subscribe to our email list below!  Be on the lookout for 2022-2023 Booster Membership coming this spring/summer.


Donations are always welcome at any time of the year! 
Checks can be made payable to Templeton Eagles Athletic Boosters
Mail to: P.O. box 838, Templeton, CA 93465
501(c) # 51-0526112 

Questions? Contact Dory Tonini: (805) 441-1779 or